Tree & Shrub Care Flint MI

Ornamental plants and shrubs can add an exponential amount of beauty to the outside of your home. And there is nothing like a tree to give an extra dimension to your landscape, beautifying it from up high, providing a majestic appearance to your home. At Great Lakes Landcare Inc. in Flint , we know that you have invested a lot of time and money into picking out and planting these specimens of flora. While the shaping and color selection is critical to the overall appearance, none of it will matter if they are sickened or killed by disease. This is where our tree and shrub care program comes into play. Our versatile staff excels just as much in this aspect of the outside as we do in our lawn care. Purchasing this service is well worth the money. One of the realities of trees and ornamental plants is that if they are killed by disease or pest invasion, they are usually more expensive to replace than sod. If a tree dies that is sizable, it'll be years before its replacement grows large enough to give the same shade as its predecessor. Great Lakes Landcare Inc.'s tree and shrub service is an eight step program that begins in March and ends in November. We begin the season with a dormant oil spray. This is focused most heavily on bug prevention. This horticultural oil product will smother eggs that were laid during the previous fall, preventing them from hatching. On our second visit, when the weather has presumably warmed, the increased growth activity will be helped by a deep root fertilization. In the case of your trees, it can be injected directly into the trunk, so there is no runoff. This is a relatively new, innovative technology that our staff is adept at applying. The next four treatments will be preventive for insects and fungal diseases. We use various products, dependent on the weather, and also on the species of trees and plants that you have. During the fall, we perform another deep root fertilization of your flora, and the final visit will be that of another application of dormant oil, which will act as a guard against adult bugs to lay the next generation of eggs inside, or attempt to hibernate themselves. This new technology of application by injection has another added benefit. When it comes to traditional herbicides, an excess of spray in the air can raise environmental concerns. Injecting a weed or fungus killer directly into the trunk takes care of that issue. Proper care of trees is often overlooked by a homeowner. This is due to the fact that trees are generally more independent than smaller plants, and definitely more so than grass. However, even the largest tree can fall victim to fungal pests or be attacked by bugs, making them vulnerable to other conditions. Proper tree care yields a reward beyond property aesthetics. During the warmer months, large and healthy trees can provide invaluable shade for your house. This will have the effect of significantly lowering your air conditioning bill. Our horticulturists as well as our certified technicians make up the finest team in the Flint area to make sure your outside ornamental flora is protected from bugs and diseases. We outdo all our competitors in service, at a very competitive price. If you are ready to take your tree and shrub care to the next level, contact us today.