Perimeter Pest & Mosquito Control Flint MI

Bugs are collectively the most numerous groups of animals that inhabit this planet. Despite their small size, and being very low on the food chain, they have not only survived, but thrived for millions of years. While they definitely serve a vital purpose on Earth, their quest to survive and acquire food can endanger your lawn, along with all of your other ornamental plants. Luckily for people who live around Flint, our company is adept at driving these bugs out of your yards. This service, as much as weed control, has a heavy emphasis on prevention. Bugs can do quite a bit of damage if they are allowed to reproduce for too long in or around a tree, plant, or sod. We would rather stop them at the perimeter and have them go somewhere else than to have to remove a swarm after they have already made a home in your lawn or half eaten your plants. And then there is the matter of them also entering the house. The cost of buying this service from us will definitely be much cheaper than to have to call exterminators after they have already breached. Combine that with the cost of the damage they can do to the housing materials, and you will find you will get far more than what you paid for. Our perimeter pest control program is done in six steps. We also use a combination of products, though just the first treatment is a granular method. This is applied right at the start of the growing season, the same as our lawn care service. All of the remaining five treatments consist of liquid products. We do not bring any of these chemicals into your house - it is entirely an outdoor application. Great Lakes Landcare Inc. repels them before they have a chance to enter. Our trained and certified technicians are the most skilled around this area at seeking out potential entry points such as water lines, other utility lines, and shutters. They also look for popular breeding grounds such as decks. It is also applied around the perimeter of your home three feet out, and then three feet upward on each side of your house. Yards are not only kept for aesthetic purposes. There are even more reasons beyond the enhancement of your property value. Yards are meant to be enjoyed, used for recreation such as barbecues, family and friend gatherings, and games. So while it is critical to repel the bugs that would eat your plants and grass, there are also bugs that you will need protection from. Namely, we are speaking of mosquito control. Our mosquito control program is done in four steps, and it begins later than most of our other services, as mosquitoes tend to become more active the warmer it becomes. Our first treatment is done near Memorial Day, and our final treatment happens around Labor Day. We start with a fogging of the area, and then applying a larvicide to the locations of your yard where there is likely to be reproduction. More specifically, anywhere that there is standing water, such as birdbaths, pools, and tarp. We emphasize that this service is referred to as control, because total eradication of all mosquitoes on your property is not possible. Their numbers will, however, be reduced enough to raise your enjoyment outside. Great Lakes Landcare Inc. backs each of our mosquito control visits with a 30 day guarantee. Servicing the region of Flint, please call us today.