Lawn Care Flint MI

For the vast majority of homeowners, their yards are the largest part of their landscape. A healthy, lush body of grass will provide a nice canvass along with a foreground for a decoration of trees, shrubs, and other ornamental plants, as well as enhances the appearance of the house. It not only is more pleasing to your eyes, it can have a substantial effect on property value. Many people prefer to try to do the maintenance on their own yards and landscapes. However, if you look at a property that has been maintained by the staff here at Great Lakes Landcare Inc., you will see a clear difference between an amateur and a professional. Our affordable prices will make the result worth the money, and the time you will save in doing all of that yard work yourself. We have been beautifying homes and businesses all over the area of Flint for over a decade. With our customer base increasing every year, we can back up our claim that our work yields 100 percent satisfaction in every piece of property. We stand behind all of our lawn care work with a guarantee that if something is not done right the first time, it will be remedied quickly at our expense. Our lawn care services have been the founding of our business, and they still comprise the largest part of our overall revenue. Though we always render the best work in each of our services, this is the one we have been doing the longest. Nowhere will you find a more nourishing program that is as adept at eliminating and crowding out weeds. The lawn care program is a seven step process that begins around the end of March or as late as April, depending on the weather. Both granular and liquid fertilization and herbicides are used, and only those that are proven effective. The first treatment is a granular crabgrass application, so we can stop that particular early growing weed before it takes hold. Our next two visits are a combination of liquid fertilizer and herbicide applications. We apply these liquid products manually, rather than adopting the riding equipment. The fourth visit is granular fertilization, and spot treatments of weeds, as most of the early growers will have already been stopped. The fifth consists of liquid fertilization, along with a new solution of herbicide to combat a different set of floral pests that tend to become more active in warmer weather. The last two are a balance between fertilizers and winterization products to provide a measure of protection against bugs implanting and hibernating there. While your lawn's health is the most essential component to having it look spectacular to the eye, it also must be maintained, as good textured hair must be neatly clipped and combed. Our staff can provide the most professional looking mowing job, complete with edging and blowing away of all of the stray clippings. We will mow it to the correct height to promote optimal growth. Are you one that finds cleaning your yard in spring and fall to be a dreadful task? These seasonal cleanups are also a part of our lawn maintenance program. Should you live in the metropolitan area of Flint, don't wait for your lawn to have a major problem before looking to us. Our team of conscientious employees will look after your lawn just as they would tend to their own. We look forward to serving you, give us a call today.